Bob and Lori Nieto have been actively breeding bench style english springer spaniels for 35 years.  Our springers are bred for conformation competition, and also compete in performance events.  All our dogs are AKC registered, x-rayed for hip and elbow dysplasia, DNA checked for progressive retinal atrophy, and eyes examined by a board certified ACVO ophthalmologist for other hereditary diseases before they are used in our breeding program.  We apply the same health standards to the stud dogs outside of our kennel who our girls are bred to.

All pet puppies are sold on limited AKC registration.  All show puppies are sold on a co-ownership.  The puppies stay with their mother and littermates until they reach 10 weeks of age.  All puppies eyes are examined and their DNA is tested for PRA (unless the results are known based on parentage).